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© Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories. Artist EVEWRIGHT and selected Photos John Ferguson. All other images Evewright Studio and Evewright Arts all rights reserved 2021





Artist EVEWRIGHT will take you on a guided tour of Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories a site-specific art installation, comprised of images, documents, audio recordings and memorabilia on 432 panes of glass, adorning one of the bridges that passengers of the Empire Windrush first walked across as they entered Britain in 1948. EVEWRIGHT will talk about the inspiration behind his work, his influences and his anthropological approach to this site-specific Art Installation using the Windrush Generation as his subject.

An exhibition guide is also available using your own device download the PDF. Use a QR reader to scan the QR codes featured on selected windows, alternatively use the website links. Listen to extracts of stories from Windrush elders’ about their experience of coming to the UK.



We will continue to monitor and follow government guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing to ensure
the safety of our staff and visitors to our outdoor events and other activities. 

Please read our covid guidance Here before attending our installation or any of our events.

Public Opening Times.


Entrance is Free​

Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm 

Saturday : 10am - 6pm 

Please share pictures of your visit on our Instagram @evewrightstudio and @evewrightarts

Location: The Location is signposted.




Tilbury Bridge Walkway Near Tilbury Ferry / Bus Terminus Fort Road Tilbury Essex RM18 7NJ 

The site is accessible by Car, Bus, Ferry and train.


Train Timetable:

London Fenchurch Street to Tilbury Town


There is a shuttle bus available to and from Tilbury Ferry Bus Terminus at the station throughout the day.

Click Here for timetable.



Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories is an art and sound installation conceived by Artist EVEWRIGHT. It is the first site-specific art and sound installation to be held at the Port of Tilbury in Essex and the UK dedicated to people of the Windrush Generation.


It is an immersive visual art experience, installed on 432 panes of glass collaged with photographs, documents, original boat passenger tickets and memorabilia. The artwork is installed in an original passenger walkway 55 metres long. As you walk through, you can listen to audio stories about the lives of some of the elders whose images are featured in the installation.


Tilbury Port is an iconic location which has an historic significance to the black community in Britain. This artwork is a unique statement memorialising the lives of those people who came from the Caribbean who carried their British passports proudly as British citizens with hope and expectation. They passed through this location as one of the original walkways where SS Empire Windrush passengers, in 1948 arrived. Although many arrived before 1948, those that arrived here were the first large post war wave of British colonial citizens to disembark from the passenger ship at Tilbury Cruise Terminal. 


This installation features over 130 people from the Windrush era and their families through photographs, documents and audio, telling stories in their own words of their arrival, the lives and families they created and their contribution to British society. This artwork and soundscape are symbolic and a testimony to those that arrived on SS Empire Windrush and the many that followed that journey to the UK. 


This artwork is the fourth in a series of site-specific work created by artist EVEWRIGHT who developed the original Caribbean Takeaway Takeover an installation originally staged in Colchester, Essex in 2018, who took over and transformed S&S Caribbean Takeaway. The idea was to create an innovative and engaging art and sound installation in an informal setting owned and controlled by the Caribbean community.


We value the importance of our community telling their stories in their own voices. This installation shows how public spaces can be repurposed to share our stories and reach people in new and innovative ways. It challenges perceptions of where art can be experienced and enjoyed.


Dedicated to the memory of Clarice Agatha Reid (3 Feb 1935 -10 April 2020) and Don Sydney (14 Dec 1940 - 7 July 2020) and the many loved ones from the Windrush Generation who has left a lasting legacy for future generations.

Special thanks to the many people from Essex and across the United Kingdom who contributed their family’s images
and audio stories:


Alford Gardner, Lenore Sykes, Alton Watkins, Tina Aparicio, Don Sydney, Gloria Whyte, Hamilton Williams, Nell Green, Carlton Darrell, Carol Sydney, Allan Wilmot, Clarice Agatha Reid. Everton Wright, Dennis Wright, Weston Wright, Lindon Wright, Percy Carter, Roy  Rowe, Thelma Rowe, Ena Smith, David Smith, Byrel Crawford (Melville), Edmund Decordova Ironman Melville, Josephine Melville, Alfred Thompson, Lorna Thompson, Althea Lashley, Roland Lashley, Carl Lynch, Casper Grey, Daisy Robinson(Walters), Lorraine Robinson Busha Evans, Inez Creary, Julie Angela James Felix , Kelly Larson, Marcel Celine Alexander, Melvina Donegal, Nicodemus Felix, Myra Dodd, Kelly Larson, Shaura Creary, Stanley Thompson, Lorna Thompson, Clarence Parris, Evelyn Parris, Elvy Morton, Winston Levy, Amy Levy, Eaton Ridguard, Alvin Ffrench, Miriam Ffrench, Lloyd George Wedderburn, Ken Mc Collin, Lydia Sterling, Sherlene Rudder, Stanley Roy Archer, Inez Hooper, Simeon Alexander Hooper, Courtney Anthony Hooper, Freda Seaton, Murphy Sanderson, Leonard Sanderson, Ivaline White, Alvin White, Leon Titus, Marlene Titus, Archie Symes, Cynthia Symes, Edna Ulett, Norma Griffiths, Phillip Griffiths, Andrew Watson, Wade Watson, Bill Bascombe-King, Edith Bascombe-King, Claudette Reid, Gregory Burke, Marget Getfield, Yvonne Raper, Sandra Boreland-Reid, Ian Reid, Jacinth Reid, Doris Reid, Fredricka Shorter, Thomas Shorter, Donald Shorter, Alfreda Shorter, Hubert Shorter, Jennifer Wilmot- Simpson, George Cespedes, Alift Harewood, Loretta Rogers, Iris Gibbs, Ivan Gibbs, Susan Gibbs, Samantha Gibbs, Florence Chambers, Pearline McKenzie, Rupert George McKenzie, Arpy Augustus, Delores Augustus, Evena Morris, Ruby McCoy, Hazel Williams, Ferdinand Beresford Williams, Florence McLeod, Del & Ionie Richards, Andean Richards, Claudius Elias Richards, Calvin Eustace Richards, Erica Richards, Renaldo Richards, Ettamay Butler, Lincoln Richards, John Wesley Richards, Winona Elizabeth Goldbourn, Sharon Forde, Eunice Williams, Eastlyn Williams, Peggy Addison, Kelvin Addison, Patsy Legister, Fay Sealy, Murle Sealy, Cleopatra Icilda Veneer, Gail Headley, Kim Headley, Gloria Ellerslie Olaiya, Gabriel Adediran Olaiya.

Evewright Arts Foundation wish to thank our funders.


This project is delivered with the support of Port of Tilbury, Tilbury on the Thames Trust and supported using public funding by Arts Council England / Windrush Day Grant funded by Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) / Creative Estuary, The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport funds the Cultural Development Fund which is administered by Arts Council England / Essex Cultural Diversity Project / Thurrock Council & Thurrock CVS

Essex Community Foundation.



Essex Records Office / Evewright Studio / South Essex African Caribbean Association / Tilbury Riverside Project / One Community Trust / Windrush Foundation.

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