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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASES - 13 September 2021

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Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories – Artwork Vandalised

© EVEWRIGHT TBWM Vandalised press Images 02.jpg
 © EVEWRIGHT TBWM Vandalised press Images 01.jpeg

© EVEWRIGHT Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories. We will not be silenced. All rights reserved 2021.

Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories is an art and sound installation on display at Tilbury Port Essex. The installation takes over one of the original walkways where passengers from the Empire Windrush disembarked over 73 years ago. These citizens from the British Empire marked the first post war wave of people from the Caribbean who came to answer the call to help rebuild post war Britain.


Yet the respect and recognition that these people, from the Windrush Generation deserve, still struggle to be accepted. Several of the 432 panes of glass where the artwork is featured has been broken, with vandals indiscriminately targeting the bridge.

The installation captures the spirit and resilience of the many that came from the Caribbean through the images, documents and extracts from twenty-five audio. It is a unique site-specific art that resonate with the Black Caribbean and local communities.

In a recent survey 83% of visitors to the artwork said they would like the exhibition/installation to remain at the Port as a testament to the lives of the people of the Windrush Generation. Yet there are some that are actively trying to tear it down.

Artist EVEWRIGHT the Creator of Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories said:

This is a targeted hate crime targeted towards the Windrush Generation. Who themselves had to show resilience in the face of the racism and barriers many of them experienced. I intend to keep the damage windows in place on the installation as a visible reminder of the hate and bigotry towards those that are seen as “other and foreigner” that still unfortunately still exists in our society today. 


I am part of the next generation and we will resist those that wish to silence us. I will continue to create spaces through art for Black British stories to be seen and heard. It is only through education and awareness will ignorance and bigotry be overcome. They can break the windows but they cannot break our spirit and the hard-won unity that exists in our local community in Tilbury and beyond.

Despite the antics of those who seek to cause criminal damage, the work will remain open to the public and the work will not be silenced.

Tilbury Port Police and Tilbury Port are taking action to prevent further damage

Evewright Arts



Windows of Windrush exhibition at Tilbury Port smashed in ‘hate crime’
The Port of Tilbury is where the Empire Windrush ship anchored in 1948

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The Voice News Paper

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Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories /

Opens From 22 June 2021

© Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories.All rights reserved 2021.
EVEWRIGHT speaks with Joanna Lumley on ITV
© Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories. Artist EVEWRIGHT and Joanna Lumley. All rights reserved 2021.

We are pleased to announce that Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories art and sound installation was

featured on Joanna Lumley's Home Sweet Home - Travels in My Own Land: Episodes 1 and 3


Join Joanna as she interviews 95-year-old Allan Wilmot, ex WWII veteran and ex-singer of the Southlanders band formed in the 1950's. Allan is one of our many elders who shared their amazing story with us. Listen to his story here in his own words.

EVEWRIGHT takes Joanna Lumley on a tour of his artwork Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories at Tilbury Docks, then you can catch it here:


Joanna is taken on a tour of the artwork which is located in one of the original passenger walkways 55 x metres in length where the Empire Windrush Ship arrived and docked in Tilbury in 1948. She explores some of the stories that celebrates and commemorate the arrival of people from the Windrush.

BBC News

Evewright BBC Front.jpg

BBC Look East, the BBC's Regional TV news magazine for Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex interviewed Artist Evewright about 

the art installation Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories, which featured on the BBC's lunchtime news on 1 October 2020.

Interview with Artist EVEWRIGHT Online:



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23 June 2020

BBC Essex Radio 23062020: Helen Scott - Essex Voices Windrush Special hour :


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Evewright announces Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories launch 19th September




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