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Windrush 75 Anniversary

Celebrate 75 years of contributions from the Windrush Generation on June 22, 24-25th at Tilbury Port, Essex with Evewright Arts Foundation’s Belongings: Windrush 75, a fantastic week of heritage tours, art films, music, and food 

curated by artist EVEWRIGHT.

© EVEWRIGHT ARTS - BELONGINGS:  Windrush 75. Photography of location Evewright Studio. Images of event Lyndon Douglas.
All Right Reserved

Evewright Arts Foundation (EAF) is delighted to announce Belongings: Windrush 75 as part of Windrush 75th anniversary celebrations, made possible thanks to National Lottery players through a National Lottery Heritage Fund, Arts Council and a Windrush Day grant to support parts of the programme. 

EAF presented a Windrush Day and weekend of curated programme of Windrush Heritage, Art films screenings and projections in the original Grade II listed ticket hall over a 30-hour continuous period. The programme included two new film works directed by artist EVEWRIGHT including Motherless Child and Here I Stand, both exploring the resilience, identity, and determination of a generation, along with Windrush: Movement of the People a Dance film by Phoenix Dance Theatre, selected films from local artists Larry Achiampong, Elsa James, performances from Gary Cordice, Ionie Richards and Ageless Teenagers and a selection of community films on the theme of migration created by young people. 


The presentation of film works also included photographs, sound and words, along with images of the Empire Windrush original passenger list for an immersive experience with headphones throughout the weekend. School children on Windrush Day and visitor over the weekend were able to experience guided tours of Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories, one of the original walkways where passengers from the Empire Windrush disembarked. The weekend also included vintage cars, food stalls and a live choir performance. A DJ set featuring the influence of music over the 75 years was played during the Saturday evening segment. This curated weekend programme took place at London International Cruise Terminal in Tilbury Essex.




“A BIG THANK YOU TO EVEWRIGHT. WELL DONE!! It was my very first time going to Tilbury Docks. I found it a moving experience. I really enjoyed the tour of the installation/Bridge artwork and the explanation by the artist Everton (EVEWRIGHT) and his interpretation of the various pictures/murals. This added an extra dimension to the walk on the bridge as he explained the stories behind some of the faces”


“Thanks for organising such an insightful, educational and thought-provoking event. I went away with a new perspective on what it was like to arrive here on the Windrush and settle into life in the UK.”


“It was a very informative event, we were very impressed with the Bridge, and the information on the screen. Windrush should be taught in schools because, they helped build Britain to what it is today, they worked alongside other Caribbean communities plus with white British people. There were challenges, they stood their ground and overcame, so the schools need to know the History of why they were asked to come to Britain. We were so glad that we attended.”

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