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Evewright Arts Foundation:

Testimonials from visitors to Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories Tilbury Port Essex 2021


"Many congratulations on your fantastic installation at Tilbury. You have brought to life the story of the Windrush migrants, their hopes and dreams, their individual life stories and the lived reality of being Black British. There is lots of noise around Windrush but I have never seen the story told with so much colour. Well done. I look forward to seeing your future work.”

Jackie Doyle-Price MP Thurrock


“The mix of art, history, poetry and cultural learning, made it an exceptional day for me. Thank you”

Cllr Steve Liddiard, Mayor's Consort Thurrock



 “The artwork is excellent. The location was once run down and unkept. Since it is a significant and historical point, this installation would give it much needed character”

Yewande Kannike CEO One Community Development Trust, Tilbury


"I cannot fault the experience, every element was expertly planned and presented, and it was a distinct honour to be in the company of the elders. "It was absolutely superb and enlightening."

Brian Warrens, Director of The Backstage Centre Ltd.


Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories is an amazing exhibition it is the place to be. This exhibition is something special. I am really inspired…. I recommend everyone come and see this. This is real history. This is the history of Britain.  This is the history that made us.  It’s a great thing…Its our thing.”

Benjamin Zephaniah Poet, musician, writer.


"It ( the art installation) is a living history of black Britain and therefore extremely important to the next generation of black British people"

Carlton Darrell, MBE, Essex

It was a wonderful affair on a beautiful day and many of the South Essex African Caribbean Association (SEACA) members that contributed were able to see the exhibition and treated to performances, music and catering.  We would like to thank Evewright the artist and curator and Ionie and the team for making it a truly special day to remember.”


Josephine Melville Chair  SEACA



"Wow. Absolutely fantastic. Brilliant, thought-provoking. It is standard to 'rummage up' conversation and this exhibition intelligently allows for vigorous verse."


". The Tilbury Bridge is a legacy to the people for the people and the many, so many stories it encompasses"

Sheda, supporter of the  (SEACA)


"This is an iconic and important part of the Windrush and British history; and an accessible accounting of black presence in Britain. It should receive as much attention and support as any other British monument that stands proud today because its importance has been recognised"

Nairobi Thompson, Writer & Poet


"It benefits everyone and I cannot see how Tilbury would not want to keep such an historic and significant piece of history alive"

Weininger Irwin Founder of Ageless Teenager Essex


"It would become a lasting testament/monument to Afro-Asian Jamaican/Caribbean people in Britain and others around the world in much the same way as monuments to Britain's colonial, industrial, and war history are remembered through monuments today"

Tova McKenzie-Bassant (Artist) London


"It was very moving to be actually on the site where people landed and walked onto these shores. This (installation) gave me a much more physical, real experience than just reading about this in books or hearing about it from others"

Jenny Hill


"I was deeply moved by the event and as a white member of the community felt ashamed and aggrieved that people with such dignity and commitment were treated and continue to be treated so poorly"


"It is a deeply moving installation in a perfectly suitable setting which I believe should remain as a testament to the contribution made to the UK by the Caribbean community"


Kevin Sadler CEO Gateway Learning Community Trust Essex



"It is important that the history of Windrush generation is remembered"

Carol (Grays, Essex)


"The event was a great occasion! Really enjoyed the exhibition and related performances"

Fern Potter Creative Estuary Commissioning Group


“The work was multi-layered and complex yet simple and accessible. Dignified and thoughtful portrayal. A thoroughly enjoyable and meaningful experience”



“This work is a brilliant concept, perfectly executed. It is a high standard artwork which works at many levels and appeals to people of all ages, sexes, ethnicities etc. 


There is something for everyone and it is enjoyable to engage with. It would be a travesty if it was not maintained as a permanent exhibition. Primarily because it holds a unique position within Tilbury Docks as the entry point for so many British families living here today”



 “It will be a constant reminder of the importance of the impact our loved ones had on the British society. Every person walking on the bridge will understand our culture, will ask questions and will want to explore and learn about the history of our people”



“Should be there forever, not temporarily.”



"Thoroughly enjoyed the installation it was excellent. hope schools will visit as it should be part of the curriculum”



“It may remain a reminder of the huge contribution the black people made to this country”

Anonymous Local Resident


“I loved the way that the photos were displayed and it was quite personal to me as it featured a number of my relatives and in particular my dad who passed away last year”

Anonymous London


“So that others are able to see the exhibition and are able to experience what it was like for that generation coming to England. Would be good if it could be shown to schools in the London area or be incorporated into the school curriculum for Black History Month”



“(The exhibition) gave life, to the lives of men and women, who had the courage and determination to follow their dreams, whilst answering the needs of Mother Land”


“It was nice, kind of sad but overall pretty fascinating to learn about people’s life.” 

child/young person


“I think the art exhibition/installation should remain at Tilbury Bridge, to show people the struggles the people of the Windrush generation had suffered. How they lived in England, and their families which got left behind. Also, I believe it shows respect to them, so they can share their stories and show what it was like going through what they went through.” 

child/young person


“It’s a living historic memorial to the Pioneers of Windrush Generation and their contribution to the British way of life that will be an inspiration to all generations”


“I would like it to stay there because when we grow older our children will enjoy hearing stories from us that we learned about and hopefully someday they would also experience there trip there". 

Young person

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